Our Investment Approach

Why use a professional investment advisor?

Investment strategies are only concepts until they are put into practice. Every concept can be applied in many different ways because financial markets offer a variety of return-for-risk combinations. Unless you have the time, knowledge and experience to devote to planning and investing for your financial future, it makes sense to work with an investment professional. Selecting someone you trust to help you understand your options and to develop and implement a strategy tailored to your objectives can secure your financial future.

At Fiduciary Financial Services, we are committed to providing you with investment advice, proactive portfolio management, and service. Our ongoing investment in people, equipment, and technology is evidence of our desire to provide excptional service to you, our clients. Many private investors, privately-owned businesses and professional practices, municipal agencies, and trusts rely on us to help them achieve their investment goals.

How do we determine our strategy and select securities?

There is a committee of investment officers who work together to create our investment strategy. This investment committee maintains our selected stock list and sets our income strategy based on economic expectations and the movement in interest rates. However, implementation of strategy is determined by each portfolio manager around each client’s individual situation and circumstances. It is this management freedom that we believe provides the steps to achieving our clients’ goals.  
Our Investment Philosophy

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